The Studio at ICC

What We Do

The Studio people are all about helping you get better at writing. We respect the work that you do. We work with you through face-to-face, live online, or email conversations to give you feedback that helps you develop writing skills. We’re not into covering your paper in a sea of red ink. Instead, we work on your strengths, identify challenges you face, and respond to the areas you want to work on in your writing.

Many of our writing consultants are ICC students just like you! There’s a good chance they’ve experienced the writing assignment you’ve been given. Our consultants go through intense training on the forms, styles, and content of academic writing. They can act as sounding boards for your ideas or help you generate ideas for your paper.

Our consultants aren’t proofreaders, so don’t expect your writing consultant to read your paper, correct all the grammatical errors, and hand it back to you. A Studio writing consultation is so much more than red-pen editing! We have lots of technology and hands-on tools (Legos®, Koosh balls, Play-Doh® and more) to help get your creativity flowing. Your consultants will help you think about the “bigger picture” issues in your paper—like organization, logic, and focus. If you have questions about grammar, our consultants can help you learn how to edit your own papers.

Besides getting help on writing, you can enjoy the Reading Lounge and Student Paperback Exchange.