The Studio at ICC

Resources for Writers

We have a multitude of tools at the Studio to help you become a successful writer. Some of these resources include the following:

  • Books on writing, such as the Little Penguin Handbook, writing course textbooks, reference books on writing, and style guides by authors like Stephen King and Anne Lamott
  • Computers and laptops reserved for student writers
  • Free wi-fi connection
  • A Mediscape table for group work that allows you to view your writing projects on two 36-inch screens and revise them from a laptop computer
  • Kindles with exciting titles
  • iPads for use in consultations
  • Hands-on tools (Legos®, Koosh Balls, Play-Doh®) to help with writer’s block. Research has found that sometimes using “toys” like these can help you think in different ways and create new ideas.
  • Word games like Balderdash® and Boggle®